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Related to transmutation: Transmutation of elements. The act or an instance of transmuting; transformation. Physics Transformation of one element into another by one or a series of nuclear reactions. The supposed conversion of base metals into gold or silver in alchemy. All rights reserved. Alchemy the attempted conversion, by alchemists, of base metals into gold or silver.

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Question: Regarding homosexuality, I understand that we are reborn twice during each zodiac phase of roughly 2, years, once as a female and once in a male body, to give a wide range of experience in each body type. Occasionally we might be born twice as a female so the next time we might be a very effeminate man, and vice versa. Does this have anything to do with why people are attracted to someone of their same sex? What is the esoteric reason behind homosexual relationships and practices, and what are these people doing to their soul growth and evolution? Answer: Max Heindel, the founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship and author of many books on the Rosicrucian Teachings, made no explicit reference to homosexuality. We may, however, reasonably surmise his views on the practice by citing his response to the question, "What is meant by sinning against the Holy Ghost?

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How to use undomesticated, primitive, practices to improve health, increase energy, enhance sex, and cure disease. Runels discusses how walking improves the function of the penis and can help straighten the penis. He also gives ways to use walking to give you MORE time in your day. Sex for a man usually asks from his cardiovascular system about as much as walking up stairs.
Practitioners of Inner Alchemy learn to modulate their consciousness along this vibratory spectrum—choosing their frequency in much the same way we might choose a specific radio station to tune into. The most concentrated or densely-vibrating energy is Jing. Of the Three Treasures, Jing is the one associated most closely with our physical body. The home of Jing is the lower dantian, or the Kidney Organ System, and it includes the reproductive energy of the sperm and ova. Jing is considered to be the root of our creative Vitality, the physical substance out of which our life unfolds.

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