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He is the only person Satan worships. Last heard, Satan has collected straws used by Bart to drink soda. Bart comes from a particular wise family who give out advise to lost youth and found geriatrics on their TV show called, The Simpsons. The word brat in the English language comes from an anagram of Bart. It is often argued if he actually ages, or if he'll remain 10 years old forever. This article proves he's one of the most despicable, grotesque, unlikeable, hateable, vacuous, selfish, remorseless people to ever live on Earth.


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Several episodes have referenced the age of the Simpson family members, a few have even made tongue-in-cheek jokes. Homer Simpson is 36 years-old. In Season 4's "Lisa the Beauty Queen," Homer tells the "guess your age" carnie that he's 36 when the carnie guesses Marge Simpson is 34 years-old. Marvin Monroe's radio talk show.

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Lisa Marie Simpson [1] is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most accomplished of the Simpson family. Cartoonist Matt Groening created and designed her while waiting to meet James L. Groening had been invited to pitch a series of shorts based on his comic Life in Hell , but instead decided to create a new set of characters.
Bart Simpson is a lovable little menace if there ever was one on television. Nevertheless, even in these most extreme circumstances, Bart's mistakes yield powerful lessons. Here are ten of the biggest mistakes that Bart has made throughout the show that we can still learn something from. Upon arriving, however, it does not take long for Bart to realize he does not belong there.

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